7 Movies Myths That Are Not True

www.naijatimez.comWe have always watched movies scenes that we actually thought its true, most of it looks very real as if it can occur in real life, they are movies and are designed, created to move the viewer and impress them, even Hollywood movies moves mostly makes me scratch my head, rather than letting you know the facts behind them, these are some facts you should know about the movies myth you thought were true.

1. Forensic

During a homicide investigation in  movies, a forensic test is carried out on a dead body which the result gives the answer to all question of the deceased person and even solve the crimes behind it, the facts is in real life situations the process of forensic only collect the evidence to help the investigation

2. Police tracks a call within a minute

In movies police can immediately trace a call within a minute with advanced gadgets, even in reality  it takes hours to track a cell phone, we should probably be expecting those types of gadget in future because of the fast rising technology

3. Defibrillator
www.naijatimez.comIn a movie when the heart of a patient stop beating, most cases this can be the emotional scene of the movie something happen, a defibrillator is used for the rescue and the heart is restarted with it, facts: once the heart has stopped beating a defibrillator can't restart it

4. Fire and Lava

During a fire outbreak or when a lava erupts in a movie scene it can only burn you when it touches you but in the real life situations it's another story, you have to put on special suits even when the fire and the lava are several kilometers away.

5. Laser beams

In any movie you have ever watch where laser beams are used they are always visible, they aren't that visible unless they need a medium of reflects on them to be fully visible

6. Padlock shackle

A door can actually be unlock with a gun easily but it's not that easy, padlock shackle is made of iron that a small bullet wouldn't break

7. Chloroform

chloroform knocks out the victim for several hours but it doesn't seems like that in real life, it only takes 5 minute before the chemical works, and knock the victim out just for a short while.

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